Always in love with textiles, I studied fashion and sewing ( Patent of Garment-Creation and Measurement technician in Tours 1988) then a training as Patternmaker in Cholet (1990)

In the clothing design offices, I learned the rigor, the precision and the techniques of patronage, cutting and creating models. I loved this job.

I worked for ready-to-wear brands such as NewMan, Oxbow, Sunvalley ... etc

I will therefore offer you easy-to-understand patterns, with directions and tutorials so that you can make your models with pleasure!

As for hats, I have never had any training, but since these are fabric hats, I have fun creating different shapes and models, which I try on model heads and also real ones heads !!!

My head is full of ideas for you and sometimes I forgot them in the morning. So I will leave a notebook with my bed in case of insomnia and buzzing ideas !!!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or info, I will get back to you as soon as possible, thank you (use the online chat or contact form)

Good visit and good sewing to all of you !!!